My name is Andrew. I'm an Android engineer by day and a game developer by night. I'm passionate about rapidly creating and testing software in a collaborative and challenging environment.

Notable Projects

Heroes of Umbra

HoU is a 2D multiplayer platformer role-playing game written in Java using libgdx. Multiplayer is possible with kryonet, a library that simplifies much of the server/client socket creation and object serialization. I am responsible for all development and graphics, with some supplemental assets (new equipment, etc) created by the community and a soundtrack generously composed by bXmMusic.

Date: 2012 - Present

Website / OUYA Gaming Source Press / Gamin.ru Press (Russian)

Starless Umbra

Starless Umbra is a single-player role-playing game developed with the RPG Maker toolkit and enhanced with the RPG Maker SDK, DynRPG (C++). Scripts developed enhance the game far beyond what the traditional engine is capable of.

Date: 2002 - Present (Hiatus)

Website / FanboyDestroy Press / PCGamer Press / PixelVolt Interview

Starless Umbra Forum

The Starless Umbra Forum is a user-driven website to promote and discuss the game of the same name. The backend is made possible with PHP/MySQL and the frontend is done with HTML/CSS. Users are able to register, post, rate, and submit content to the website.

Date: 2008 - 2012


Candy Server

Candy Server is a small server written in PHP using the CodeIgniter framework to handle HTTP requests from an android client, update a corresponding MySQL database in real-time, and send back HTTP responses. It is fully RESTful and adheres to the MVC architecture.

Date: 2013

Website Forthcoming

El Matador

El Matador is a collaborative effort between myself, another developer, an artist, and a sound engineer in which we all created the core mechanics for an arcade-style game in a weekend. The workflow consisted of several two-hour iterations in which we picked tasks from a backlog and developed as fast as possible. El Matador is written in Java using the LibGDX framework.

Date: 2014

Website Forthcoming


Ambush! combines turn-based tactical gameplay with the randomness of trading card games. In Ambush!, players will utilize various units that are placed on a grid to ambush your opponent's units and gain control of their base to prove who has both better tactics and luck. The game was originally designed as a physical card/board game that evolved into a full on multi-platform video game in development.

Date: 2013 - 2014

Website Forthcoming